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Course curriculum

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Take a look at what's inside the Course

We have compiled a series of video sneaks here so you have an idea of what to expect. Step-by-step instructions, close up angles, and a bird's eye view from the top, a well thought-out plan from our team so you get every angle you need to learn from Winifred.

A quick glance at what's inside.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Full HD Videos

    Extremely detailed step-by-step video tutorials that are easy to understand, shot from every angle you will need- including close up on the smallest details. Best news? They are forever your’s.

  • Notes, Tools & Resources

    Detailed PDFs showcasing flower's templates and cut out all at the reach of your finger tips! Get behind the scene to see what are Winifred's favourite set of tools and materials, and where to get them.

  • $1500 worth of value (& more)

    An average price point of Winifred's cake decorating class costs around $1500. Now you can take advantage of the secrets and so SO much more at only USD899. All at your own time and schedule. Instalment options available.

Who is this class for?

This Wafer Paper Masterclass is for anyone who is looking at taking a course that covers ALL grounds, from Colour Theory lessons to Application, to learning an array of wafer paper techniques for foliages and flowers, to Cake Decorating techniques. You will learn how to 5 different kinds of foliage and 4 different kinds of flowers, and the techniques learnt can be flexibly used to help one achieve more than what is taught in this class. So think if this as THE wafer paper course you need to help to kickstart and soar in this journey.

This Masterclass stands out in ways that are not seen anywhere else, our students who have produced outstanding quality flowers and cake designs, CLICK HERE to see.

Hear how this course has transformed
and helped our students.

Samantha Miller


This course is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to expand their sugar flower skill set! I had never worked with wafer paper prior to taking the course. Experimenting with a new medium has been great for my creative process and I can’t wait to see how this new knowledge impacts my cake design! The production quality of the course makes it not just educational but enjoyable to watch.

Pam Dorn Heckman


I love the course so much and can't wait to make more!! It took me a long time to make (the ranunculus) but I'm going to keep practicing to get better. I just can't stop looking at it because I think it's so pretty and I'm so proud. I've never worked with wafer paper before, only gum paste, so this was fun! You are a great teacher.

Jasmine Sing


A big THANK YOU to the team for this wonderful course. It is very very informative and easy to follow. I’ve managed to complete 2 ranunculus and I totally love them! I really appreciate your effort in making such intensive tutorials, love the zoom- ins and I love how you break down into every tiny steps.

Liz Shim


I learned so much!!! This course is really spectacular and the quality is so good. Love all the troubleshooting and fixes- and everything is so visually beautiful.


I just bought your course and I love those details!!! You did an amazing job! Honestly! Thank you for sharing knowledge :)



I created my very first realistic flowers cake. Highly recommend @winifredkristecake online course. It brings handmade flowers to the next level. I just can't stop making flowers now!

May Ling

I bought your colour theory class- it was on the pricier side but I still learned a lot. I teach too and have actually looked at the colour wheels before for my own classes but I've never seen it like how you shared before. It's very interesting and I definitely did learn a few new things. Thank you!

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