Bonus Learning Content

In this section, we have meticulously put together some additional bonus learning content, that would help you enhance your learning experience. They are great for beginners, hobbyist or even for those looking at taking their skillset or knowledge up a notch.

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Roses are one of the most common flowers used in cake decorating. How do you then allow your rose to stand out among the crowd? This is a tip you will need.
This is a HD video tutorial which includes high quality top down and close up shots for the best learning experience.

We have received too many questions on how to make our wafer paper glue, so in this video, we put together an easy to understand step by step tutorial to guide you to do it. All you need is 2 ingredients and 5 mins!

This is a highly requested video tutorial from all of you guys! In this video, you will learn how to create 2 different kinds of peony stamens. This is a extremely universal and practical technique to have under your belt as it can be applied to many other open petal flowers too.

How To Make Wafer Paper Daisies

Filler flowers (in this case, the daisies) are as important as the focal flowers when it comes to cake decorating (with flowers, specifically). They're supporting roles that will help elevate the elegance of your focal flowers (The more popular ones often used in Cake Decorating are Ranunculus, Roses, Peonies & Dahlias).
In this Step-by-step picture tutorial, with no moulds or templates needed, I will show you how to prepare a daisy bud, how to attach wafer paper petals and lastly how to colour them with dry dust colours to make them look realistic. 

How To Store Sugar/ Wafer Paper Flowers Forever

Here is one additional tip you will enjoy- ESPECIALLY if you are in a very humid country! In all my workshops, I always get this question: "How do I store my sugar flowers after I have made them?"

Well, in this video, I will star by explaining why sugar flowers, or wafer paper flowers tend to "melt" in certain environment and how do you prevent that from happening, with a simple $8 hack. 

(P.s. NO air-conditioning is required.) 


Wafer Paper Maple Leaves

Using maple leaves instead of the usual rose leaves is a simple and unique way to allow your cake designs to stand out. Learn how you can create these in a few simple steps.

If you do try these, don't forget to tag us on Instagram @winifredkristecake