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The Colour Theory Class is for those who needs to understand the basic of learning how to read and apply the Colour Wheel- this is a very important fundamental skillset to have. As long as you work with colours, you have to first understand colours. Once you have a strong understanding of how colours work, you will then be able to apply it on your art work (be it flowers or cakes). There will also be a demonstration of the mixing of the colours to provide students with a better understanding of how colours work.

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This is one topic Winifred spends a lot of time on because it really does a lot of the ground work for you in the world of design. Here's a FREE video to help ease you into the world of colours.


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May Ling


I bought your colour theory class- it was on the pricier side but I still learned a lot. I teach too and have actually looked at the colour wheels before for my own classes but I've never seen it like how you shared before. It's very interesting and I definitely did learn a few new things. Thank you!

Liz Shim


I learned so much!!! This course is really spectacular and the quality is so good. Love all the troubleshooting and fixes- and everything is so visually beautiful.