Course curriculum

In this class, you will learn:

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Introduction + My background

  • 2

    Materials & Colours

    • Materials & Colours

  • 3

    Colour Theory, Palette & Process

    • Colour Wheel & Colour Theory

    • Colour Wheel Notes

    • Colour combinations

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“I bought your colour theory class- it was on the pricier side but I still learned a lot. I teach too and have actually looked at the colour wheels before for my own classes but I've never seen it like how you shared before. It's very interesting and I definitely did learn a few new things. Thank you!”

May Ling (

“This workshop gave me confidence for my next steps. Wini, thank you so much for sharing your talented knowledge. You have been so patient and gave us encouragement. I learnt so so so much!”

Sophie (@beaumont_sophie)

“I learned so much!!! This course is really spectacular and the quality is so good. Love all the troubleshooting and fixes- and everything is so visually beautiful.”

Liz (@eatcakebemerry)

“Before I took Winfred’s sugar rose course, I searched high and low for free tutorials-YouTube, VK (Facebook in Russian - Russia has a huge cold porcelain community), Pinterest’s, etc and to no avail. Then I bought books and even online course. I started to make ok looking flowers. But the breakthrough came after I took Winifred’s wedding cakes courses. So if you are serious about taking your craft to the next level - take the course Winifredkristecake. I still have a lot more to work on, but the courses have given me a solid foundation and I am confident to work on other flowers.”

Frances Li

“Winifred, you are truly an artist and I am grateful I had the chance to learn from you. I am super excited to embark on my own sugar flower journey. I hope to cross paths again. If you ever come to Napa you have a place to stay!”

Maureen (@maureenmoulton)

“To winifred I Would Love to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation for the Class and for being so patient with me despite my lack of skills. It was never a dull moment and i truly enjoyed working on the flowers and How pretty they were. We also have a business where we mostly work with food and bread and seeing the dynamics of what you do just requires a big amount of talent to do cakes like yours. Your work Really comes from the heart and i can see it with the way you taught. You are indeed a blessing and an inspiration!”

Mary D. (@madelsvz)

“I just want to say that, I am so glad I decided to travel to London to attend the class. As my first time ever attempting to learn and create sugar flowers, it was honestly more amazing than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. Your dedication and passion for your artistry is truly reflected in your classes and your creations. I absolutely loved learning from you. I hope to be able to again in the future! Thank you so much. ”

Rachel James (@rachsjames)

“I have only had the pleasure of your teaching via your online course but I found this same Comprehensiveness even online which has been so wonderful for sugar flower novice That I am. Even as I move onto exploring other less intricate methods of flower making, I am so grateful For the foundation work in your teaching, Winifred. Thank you! ”

Gemma (@butter_and_fleur)

“Best Workshop I have attended with @winifredkristecake. Thank you for being so generous with all the insights and tips that I wouldn’t have figured out myself just by youtubing. Anyone looking To dive into sugar flowers I would suggest you attend her workshops!”

Maureen (@onemorebake)