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Before & After

"This course has been the best investment to my creative business! Winifred is so thorough and explains her technique with so much detail by breaking her methods down into small steps and guiding you through her whole process. I am a very visual learner and her videos are easy to follow and understand. Her cameras are set up in many different angles that give you close up detail on her techniques with the tools being used. And the best part is that you have unlimited access to the courses and can go back to replay any part of the video that you needed a refresher on.

Before taking this class I had never worked with wafer paper. But with Winifred’s thorough instructions I was able to produce results beyond my expectations. Winifred is very methodical in her instructions and takes you step by step through out this entire course."

- Grace Ivers (@gracefulpastries)

"I'm excited to keep learning!"

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your class! I really am so excited about these and can't believe these are my first five flowers. You are a great teacher!

-Sarah Reyes (@flowerchild_cakes)

"I was attracted by the way you made the flower in a realistic and natural look."

The class interpretation is very clear and videos are highly professional. I can see my improvement slowly and I’m satisfied when I complete each flower. I also love the positive vibe and encouragement you projected to me. Hope to meet you again in future.^^

-@debbycake_ (Instagram)

Before & After

"Thank you Winifred for the easy to follow tutorials ♥️ I watch your videos so often that I feel like i know you personally 😂 Your soothing and calm voice makes the experience super personable 💕💕 "

- Kendra P. (@petalocakery)

"Thank you for all super helpful tips."

“You are seriously saving me! You're such an incredible teacher.
Seriously, the BEST class.
For all wafer paper fundamentals, I recommend ten times over.”

-Jess (@jess.pickens)

"Having the course available to me was almost like having the homework done for me."

I was amazed by how easy it was to follow along with the WKC online course as I had my first experience creating florals with wafer paper. The notes were succinct and provided valuable details to take note which helped me gain an understanding of the flower I was making.

Having the course available to me was almost like having the homework done for me to easily execute the flower I was making (with limited processing of trial and error).

Loved the little tips on colour theory as I was making my flower - really helped me naturally transition the beautiful stages of colours in a ranunculus. (Instagram)

"Amazing Wafer Paper Class!"

“Looking at this flower arrangement makes me so happy! Shoutout to Winifred Kriste Cake for her amazing wafer paper flowers class!"

-@mdg_pastrystudio (Instagram)

"The course broadened my horizons."

"It’s with unique perspectives in terms of color, shape, movement, etc. “ color theory” is one of the most helpful online courses that I have taken. A bit change in color leads to an obvious difference in the final pieces. Even though the course only has a few demos of flowers, the techniques mentioned can be flexibly used. I like the course having many closeups. The flower petal templates make it easier to be consistent in size at the beginning of making sugar flowers. I would go back to the video whenever I need new inspirations in the future."

-Trizia.Z ( from whaT’s More cake)

"Winifred teaches with clear directions."

I took Winifred’s online ranunculus wafer paper class and I absolutely LOVED it! Winifred teaches with clear direction and in a such a way that makes it easy to understand the process. I had never worked with wafer paper before and was so proud and happy with the results! I love the flowers I was able create!! it’s helpful to be able to pause the class and go back and watch it again and again if needed. I would highly recommend investing in this amazing class!! I so look forward to adding what I have learned to my cake designs!

-@pamelajheckman (Instagram)

"Love your course!"

“Your course is super detailed! I love how you make it so easy for us. Makes following it more fun and relaxed even though the flowers look super intimidating hehe.”

-Allen (@flourandfloraph)

"Clear & Detailed Instructions."

My very first ranunculus!

Thank you Wini for the clear and detailed instructions.
It was the most intimidating flower to make but surprisingly much easier than it looks. Of course it wouldn’t be easy if your course didn’t make it very simple to follow through. Ranunculus was easily the one that intimidated me most, but your online course was very informative and detail that I felt like I was back in your studio, chatting and learning from you all over again.

All the close-ups and camera angles, the extra information about color theory and mixing were all super helpful for a newbie. Indeed the learning curve is steep, especially having been used to a different medium, but it felt like you were guiding my hands every step of the way.

So thank you for always sharing your talent and passion to us and more power to you and your craft!

Allen (@flourandfloraph)

"I highly recommend the course."

I highly recommend the course. A lot of useful information, you can really make beautiful flowers and you will understand the technology and secrets. Winifred, I am really grateful for your knowledge that you share with us. I admire your work and am very happy to have the opportunity to study your techniques. This is the best course! I can't guess how many years it would have taken for the same result without this course. Many many years, I think. The part about Colour Theory is unique knowledge. I felt like an artist and enjoyed it. I am inspired by your knowledge and hard work. Many thanks for this course 🙏

-@my.cake.code (Instagram)

"My love for wafer paper is growing everyday."

"My love for wafer paper is growing everyday. Learning a new medium can be so stressful and time consuming but I’ve learned since I started working with wafer paper that giving oneself grace allows me to make mistakes and accept imperfections on my journey to learn."

-@briannegabriellecakes (Instagram)

"Very well-designed course!"

"A big THANK YOU to the team for this wonderful course. It is very very informative and easy to follow. I’ve managed to complete 2 ranunculus and I totally love them! I really appreciate your effort in making such intensive tutorials, love the zoom- ins and I love how you break down into every tiny steps."

-@merremade (Instagram)

Hear how this course has transformed
and helped our students.

Pam Dorn Heckman


I love the course so much and can't wait to make more!! It took me a long time to make (the ranunculus) but I'm going to keep practicing to get better. I just can't stop looking at it because I think it's so pretty and I'm so proud. I've never worked with wafer paper before, only gum paste, so this was fun! You are a great teacher.

Samantha Miller


This course is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to expand their sugar flower skill set! I had never worked with wafer paper prior to taking the course. Experimenting with a new medium has been great for my creative process and I can’t wait to see how this new knowledge impacts my cake design! The production quality of the course makes it not just educational but enjoyable to watch.



I created my very first realistic flowers cake. Highly recommend @winifredkristecake online course. It brings handmade flowers to the next level. I just can't stop making flowers now!



I have only had the pleasure of your teaching via your online course but I found this same Comprehensiveness even online which has been so wonderful for sugar flower novice that I am. Even as I move onto exploring other less intricate methods of flower making, I am so grateful for the foundation work in your teaching, Winifred. Thank you!

Jasmine Sing


A big THANK YOU to the team for this wonderful course. It is very very informative and easy to follow. I’ve managed to complete 2 ranunculus and I totally love them! I really appreciate your effort in making such intensive tutorials, love the zoom- ins and I love how you break down into every tiny steps.

Liz Shim


I learned so much!!! This course is really spectacular and the quality is so good. Love all the troubleshooting and fixes- and everything is so visually beautiful.


I just bought your course and I love those details!!! You did an amazing job! Honestly! Thank you for sharing knowledge :)

May Ling

I bought your colour theory class- it was on the pricier side but I still learned a lot. I teach too and have actually looked at the colour wheels before for my own classes but I've never seen it like how you shared before. It's very interesting and I definitely did learn a few new things. Thank you!