Make making flowers more efficient than ever.

With use of SVG files, you can easily cut a 100 of leaves or flower petals in matter of minutes. SVG Files are compatible with either a CRICUT or SILHOUETTE machine. All you have to do is to insert these files into the respective programs and have the machines do all the cutting for you! BEST time & life saver!

All done for you: Plug & Play

All you need to do is to open these files on your respective programs (SILHOUETTE or CRICUT) and click a button to have the machines do the cutting job for you. No more manually cutting your petals, you have better things to do! ;)

Imagine cutting 100 petals in 10 minutes. Talk about efficiency!

A Step-by-step & Video Guide is given in the class to show you how to operate these files.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Wafer Paper Leaves SVG Templates

    • Wafer Paper Korean Oak Leaves, Maple Leaves, Quacking Aspen Leaves SVG Template

    • Introduction to Wafer Paper: Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, Korean Oak Leaves, Maple Leaves, Quacking Aspen Leaves Trailer

  • 2

    Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide (For SVG Files)

    • Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide

  • 3

    Wafer Paper Leaves DXF Templates

    • Korean Oak Leaves, Maple Leaves, Quacking Aspen Tree Leaves DXF Files

  • 4

    CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide (For DXF Files)

    • CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide (For DXF Files)

"Thank you for all super helpful tips."

“You are seriously saving me! You're such an incredible teacher.
Seriously, the BEST class.
For all wafer paper fundamentals, I recommend ten times over.”

-Jess (@jess.pickens)

"Clear & Detailed Instructions."

My very first ranunculus!

Thank you Wini for the clear and detailed instructions.
It was the most intimidating flower to make but surprisingly much easier than it looks. Of course it wouldn’t be easy if your course didn’t make it very simple to follow through. Ranunculus was easily the one that intimidated me most, but your online course was very informative and detail that I felt like I was back in your studio, chatting and learning from you all over again.

All the close-ups and camera angles, the extra information about color theory and mixing were all super helpful for a newbie. Indeed the learning curve is steep, especially having been used to a different medium, but it felt like you were guiding my hands every step of the way.

So thank you for always sharing your talent and passion to us and more power to you and your craft!

Allen (@flourandfloraph)