Make making flowers more efficient than ever.

With the use of these digital files, you can easily cut a 100 of leaves or flower petals in matter of minutes.

SVG Files are for SILHOUETTE Machine
DXF Files for CRICUT Machine

All you have to do is to insert these files into the respective programs and have the machines do all the cutting for you! BEST time & life saver!

All done for you: Plug & Play

All you need to do is to open these files on your respective programs (SILHOUETTE or CRICUT) and click a button to have the machines do the cutting job for you. No more manually cutting your petals, you have better things to do! ;)

Imagine cutting 100 petals in 10 minutes. Talk about efficiency!

A Step-by-step & Video Guide is given in the class to show you how to operate these files.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Wafer Paper Cosmos Petals SVG Files

    • Cosmos Petals SVG Template

    • Wafer Paper Cosmos Trailer

  • 2

    Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide (For SVG Files)

    • Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide

  • 3

    Wafer Paper Cosmos Petals DXF Files

    • Cosmos Petals DXF Files

  • 4

    CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide (For DXF Files)

    • CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide

"You are truly a wonderful artist your floral work is always inspiring."

Thank you Winifred for such an amazing Cosmos tutorial!

- @little_mallow_

"You made a difference in my life"

I enjoyed your Cosmos class so much! Thank you for making it available to all of us. I am just in awe of everything you create. I made some cosmos, I have a long way to go but with your classes I will get there.

- Joy (@sweetjoy_cakes)

"Loveeee your class!"

This was my first time delving into the world of wafer paper flowers and it is an avenue that I am excited to explore more as I love the effect of light and floaty flowers. It was such a gift to be able to make something different to my usual style. Thank you.

- @littlecakecompany