Wafer Paper Masterclass Tool Kit

This Ultimate Tool Kit is put together by our team to optimise the learning experience for all our students. We want to make sure students spend their time focused on learning.

All tools that are put together in this kit is specially curated for students who have signed up for our Wafer Paper Masterclass.

That being said, this set of tool kit is NOT restricted to only our students. It is for everyone. If you find that these tools are also beneficial for your own learning journey, you are definitely welcomed to purchase them too.


CLICK HERE to make a purchase.

For orders going to USA, please note that it will take between 4 -5 weeks to arrive.
For orders going to Europe, please note that it will take about 2 weeks to arrive.

These are the tools that are included:
- WKC Foam Pad
- Ball Tool Set (Set of 4)
- Dresden Tool
- Needle Tool
- Wafer Paper Brushes (Set of 3)
- Ranunculus Petal Veiner
- Hydrangeas Veiners
- Quaking Aspen Tree Leaves Veiner
- Anthurium Veiner
- Korean Oak Leaves Veiner
- Spray Bottle
- Squeeze bottle
- Colour palette
- Styrofoam balls (23mm) x 10
- Floral Tape (White)
- Floral Wires (20g) White
- Floral Wires (22g) White
- Floral Wires (24g) White
- Floral Wires (26g) White

Feel free to reach us at info@winifredkristecake.com if you have any questions.