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    Wafer Paper: Filler Flowers

    • Wafer Paper Hydrangeas

    • Wafer Paper Sweet Peas

    • Wafer Paper Anthuriums

    • Wafer Paper Hydrangeas + Sweet Peas Template

    • Wafer Paper Anthurium Template

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“I learned so much!!! This course is really spectacular and the quality is so good. Love all the troubleshooting and fixes- and everything is so visually beautiful.”

Liz (@eatcakebemerry)

“Before I took Winfred’s sugar rose course, I searched high and low for free tutorials-YouTube, VK (Facebook in Russian - Russia has a huge cold porcelain community), Pinterest’s, etc and to no avail. Then I bought books and even online course. I started to make ok looking flowers. But the breakthrough came after I took Winifred’s wedding cakes courses. So if you are serious about taking your craft to the next level - take the course Winifredkristecake. I still have a lot more to work on, but the courses have given me a solid foundation and I am confident to work on other flowers.”

Frances Li

“This workshop gave me confidence for my next steps. Wini, thank you so much for sharing your talented knowledge. You have been so patient and gave us encouragement. I learnt so so so much!”

Sophie (@beaumont_sophie)

“Winifred, you are truly an artist and I am grateful I had the chance to learn from you. I am super excited to embark on my own sugar flower journey. I hope to cross paths again. If you ever come to Napa you have a place to stay!”

Maureen (@maureenmoulton)

“To winifred I Would Love to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation for the Class and for being so patient with me despite my lack of skills. It was never a dull moment and i truly enjoyed working on the flowers and How pretty they were. We also have a business where we mostly work with food and bread and seeing the dynamics of what you do just requires a big amount of talent to do cakes like yours. Your work Really comes from the heart and i can see it with the way you taught. You are indeed a blessing and an inspiration!”

Mary D. (@madelsvz)

“I just want to say that, I am so glad I decided to travel to London to attend the class. As my first time ever attempting to learn and create sugar flowers, it was honestly more amazing than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. Your dedication and passion for your artistry is truly reflected in your classes and your creations. I absolutely loved learning from you. I hope to be able to again in the future! Thank you so much. ”

Rachel James (@rachsjames)

“I have only had the pleasure of your teaching via your online course but I found this same Comprehensiveness even online which has been so wonderful for sugar flower novice That I am. Even as I move onto exploring other less intricate methods of flower making, I am so grateful For the foundation work in your teaching, Winifred. Thank you! ”

Gemma (@butter_and_fleur)

“Best Workshop I have attended with @winifredkristecake. Thank you for being so generous with all the insights and tips that I wouldn’t have figured out myself just by youtubing. Anyone looking To dive into sugar flowers I would suggest you attend her workshops!”

Maureen (@onemorebake)


May Ling (