Beautiful realistic looking Sugar Flowers starts with using the right foundation.

When I first started making sugar flowers back in 2013, I was constantly frustrated that I wasn't able to make the gum paste "behave" the way I wanted to; i.e.

1. It would NOT hold up its shape
2. It kept melting no matter how much air-conditioning I was working in
3. The gum paste could not stretch well and it kept breaking

4. My gumpaste flowers look chunky and unrealistic

It was truly frustrating and nerve-wrecking when I had to pray for the sugar flowers to behave especially on my clients' cakes.

But once I started making sugar flowers with this gumpaste recipe,
E V E R Y T H I N G changed. I could make my sugar flowers look

1. Realistic
2. Really thin because of how stretchy it is
3. Store my sugar flowers for years and years to come without it melting.

So if those sound like what you are going through, this class is going to take away all your pain points, and leave you only with happy and joyful experience making sugar flowers.
Winifred kriste cake gumpaste roses

"Gum paste basics are so important to Winifred's teaching structure"

Winifred guided me through my curiousity for gum paste. Prior to the class, I had to search for gum paste tutorials online, but many only scratched the surface. Not only did I discover many new techniques and concepts in our sessions, Winifred made it easy to follow with her style of instruction.

- Verly (@keik.bakingstudio)

"I LOVE your gumpaste tutorial!"

A gorgeous rose ready to take its place on a delicious cake. Handmade using the gumpaste recipe I purchased from the very beautiful & talented Winifred Kriste Cake. Thank you so much!

- Nay (@nayzcakes)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Gumpaste Making Tutorial

    • Gumpaste Recipe (with captions)

    • Gumpaste Recipe (without captions)

  • 2

    Gumpaste Workshop Notes

    • Gum Paste Workshop Notes

What to expect:

Take a quick look in the class here.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to make homemade gum paste with just 4 simple ingredients in JUST under 5 minutes

  • How to adjust the recipe for it to fit into YOUR environment

  • Learn how to work with this gumpaste so you get the best out of it

  • How to store colored and non-coloured gumpaste

  • How to use the gumpaste immediately without having it to rest 12/24 hours overnight

  • Winifred's personal tips for working sugar flowers in a PDF Guide


Founder & Cake Designer

Winifred Kristé

Hi I’m Winifred, and I teach passionate cake artists how to excel in design through the use of exquisite color palettes and life-like florals.

When I started my cake design business 12+ years ago, I learnt everything the hard and costly way—through trial and error. I clearly remember the frustration of trying to figure out what tools to use, which mediums to work with, how to be more creative, why my colors looked like everyone else’s, and wondering who I could trust for advice.

Having witnessed my years of experimentation, fellow vendors and industry friends began asking for my advice. It was such a joy to be able to support them and witness the ripple effect of my education.

This was the beginning of my passion for teaching. I’ve since taught in-person classes in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, USA and UK, and helped almost 4000 students through my online classes and courses.

It’s my mission to empower cake artists, hobbyists and small business owners with the right tools, skills and mindset to flourish in doing what they love.

I hope to be able to support and welcome you into our learning community, too!

All sugar flowers in the following cake designs below are made from this gumpaste.

If you want to learn more on how to make different gumpaste flowers,
check out my YouTube Channel for more tutorials.

For more advanced flowers like Roses, Juliet Garden Rose, Dahlia, and more on how I design and decorate sugar flowers on my cakes, check out my Sugar Flowers Wedding Cake Online Course on IFIMADE.

"Winifred taught me everything I need to know; from very basic skills such as making gumpaste from scratch and color theory before learning how to make the sugar flowers."

Aside from the actual learning of how to make sugar flowers, Winifred taught me to pay attention to details such as colour, texture, and movement! Little details that I would have previously looked over, but in practice makes all the difference. I also think that this attention to detail can be applied to so many other aspects of cake decorating.

-Vanessa (@sugarcoated.bakes)

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