Learn how to create beautiful realistic looking Wafer Paper Flowers

Through this workshop, I hope you will learn that starting on wafer paper is NOT as difficult/ complicated as you think!

Sometimes, all we need is one type of flower, and once we know how to make them and play around with the arrangement, you can also create an elegant looking cake like this one right here!

Learn my personal tips on how to create a natural looking Cosmos, techniques that you can also use on other flowers like the Icelandic Poppies, Anemones, open petal flowers & more- no wiring of petals is needed.

You will also learn my personal tips on how to do an organic floral arrangement like what you see here.

All you need to do, is to take the first step and join me for this class today.
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Winifred kriste cake wafer paper cosmos flower cake

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Wafer Paper Cosmos

    • Wafer Paper Conditioner Guide

    • Source guide and Cosmos Template Part 1

    • Source guide and Cosmos Template Part 2

    • Wafer Paper Cosmos Tutorial

Here is what you will learn:

Techniques you learn in this class can be applied on other flowers like Japanese Anemone, Icelandic Poppy, Anemone and even Butterfly Ranunculus

  • Know what kind of liquid you should use to condition your wafer paper

  • How to condition, shape and colour (2 types of colouring!) wafer paper to create these delicate realistic looking Cosmos.

  • All the tools and materials that I use. and where I get them from

  • What types of veiners should you use? (P.s. you can use a few different ones! I will teach you how to identify)

  • How to make centers and stamens using only wafer paper

  • A guided template PDF to teach you how to arrange a beautiful minimalist cake design like the photo shown above.


Founder & Cake Designer

Winifred Kristé

Hi I’m Winifred, and I teach passionate cake artists how to excel in design through the use of exquisite color palettes and life-like florals.

When I started my cake design business 12+ years ago, I learnt everything the hard and costly way—through trial and error. I clearly remember the frustration of trying to figure out what tools to use, which mediums to work with, how to be more creative, why my colors looked like everyone else’s, and wondering who I could trust for advice.

Having witnessed my years of experimentation, fellow vendors and industry friends began asking for my advice. It was such a joy to be able to support them and witness the ripple effect of my education.

This was the beginning of my passion for teaching. I’ve since taught in-person classes in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, USA and UK, and helped almost 4000 students through my online classes and courses.

It’s my mission to empower cake artists, hobbyists and small business owners with the right tools, skills and mindset to flourish in doing what they love.

I hope to be able to support and welcome you into our learning community, too!

Below are examples of "floating" flowers you can create

with the techniques taught in this cosmos class.

From left to right,
the "floating" flowers are the deep red Chocolate Cosmos, yellow Butterfly Ranunculus, and lastly, Cosmos itself on the far right.

"Floating" flowers gives a very light and ethereal look to your cake designs, and are highly favoured in today's modern floral cake designs. Time to move away from replicating pinterest cakes, and towards exploring that unique style you have within you. If you would like to learn how to arrange a modern floral cake design, I go through that extensively & more in my Wafer Paper Masterclass as seen below. 

"Thank you so much for your class!"

You are an excellent teacher! I will definitely do your other classes! Thank you for sharing your talent!

- Торты Кемерово (@art_tort.kemerovo)

"You are truly a wonderful artist your floral work is always inspiring."

Thank you Winifred for such an amazing Cosmos tutorial!

- @little_mallow_

"You made a difference in my life"

I enjoyed your Cosmos class so much! Thank you for making it available to all of us. I am just in awe of everything you create. I made some cosmos, I have a long way to go but with your classes I will get there.

- Joy (@sweetjoy_cakes)

"I loved this course, thank you!"

I loved this course, thank you. For the longest time I have tried and failed with wafted paper and was too scared to try again. Thank you for your generosity and guidance I was so proud of this wedding cake I made using your course xx

This was my first time delving into the world of wafer paper flowers and it is an avenue that I am excited to explore more as I love the effect of light and floaty flowers. It was such a gift to be able to make something different to my usual style. Thank you.

- Annemarie Payne (@littlecakecompany)

"You're such an incredible teacher!!"

How cute are these cosmos? Wafer paper flowers are light and delicate, replicating the beauty of natural flowers. They can be made in any color and depending on the cake design, can be the perfect addition to your wedding cake!

And a huge thank you to @winifredkristecake for the incredible workshop. Thank you for sharing your skills, knowledge, and expertise. You're such an incredible teacher!! Photo: @bekacphotography

- Tatiana (@sweet_haven_cakes)

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Student's Before & After

"This Wafer Paper Masterclass has been the best investment to my creative business! Winifred is so thorough and explains her technique with so much detail by breaking her methods down into small steps and guiding you through her whole process. I am a very visual learner and her videos are easy to follow and understand. Her cameras are set up in many different angles that give you close up detail on her techniques with the tools being used. And the best part is that you have unlimited access to the courses and can go back to replay any part of the video that you needed a refresher on.

Before taking this class I had never worked with wafer paper. But with Winifred’s thorough instructions I was able to produce results beyond my expectations. Winifred is very methodical in her instructions and takes you step by step through out this entire course."

- Grace Ivers (@gracefulpastries)

See more of our students works here.

"Thank you for all super helpful tips."

“You are seriously saving me! You're such an incredible teacher.
Seriously, the BEST class.
For all wafer paper flowers & fundamentals, I recommend ten times over.”

-Jess (@jess.pickens)

"Having the course available to me was almost like having the homework done for me."

I was amazed by how easy it was to follow along with the WKC online course as I had my first experience creating florals with wafer paper. The notes were succinct and provided valuable details to take note which helped me gain an understanding of the flower I was making.

Having the course available to me was almost like having the homework done for me to easily execute the flower I was making (with limited processing of trial and error).

Loved the little tips on colour theory as I was making my flower - really helped me naturally transition the beautiful stages of colours in a ranunculus.

[email protected] (Instagram)

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See our students works here.