Always wanted to learn how to create these beautiful and romantic looking Juliet Garden Roses?

But have never succeeded in making them?

Then you have come to the right place!

I will show you in few simple steps, how to create these roses... and help you see how it is NOT complicated at all. Yes you don't even need any advanced tools. Simple basic tools will work.

Breaking it down into 3 simple parts of the rose, you will also learn how to make the petals with loads of ease and fun, since this is a really free style flower.

Just as it is, its romantic nature and ethereal look will enhance your cake designs immediately, and if you are looking at making them just for decoration purposes, these guys definitely fit the bill.

My very 1st Juliet Garden Rose

My very 1st Juliet Garden Rose 🤍 Although is not prefect, but More & more roses coming soon!

-Su (@subakeandart)

Happy students = Happy me!

Welcome Spring with these new blooms!

Imagine adding the fluffy romantic looking Juliet Garden Roses on your cakes and giving it such an ethereal look!

BEST part of these roses are that they are soooo light weight, and so easy to work with. You can keep growing a garden on your cake without worrying about the weight it brings to the cake.

Take a look at what's inside the course

A quick glance at what's inside.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Juliet Garden Rose

    • Part 1: Tools & Materials

    • Part 2: Juliet Garden Rose Center

    • Part 3: Juliet Garden Rose Inner Petals I

    • Part 4: Juliet Garden Rose Inner Petals II

    • Part 5: Juliet Garden Rose Inner Petals III

    • Part 6: Juliet Garden Rose Connecting Petals

    • Part 7: Juliet Garden Rose Outer Petals Part I

    • Part 8: Juliet Garden Rose Outer Petals Part II

    • Part 9: Juliet Garden Rose Calyx

    • Part 10: Dusting

  • 3

    Source Guide & Templates

    • Juliet Garden Rose Source Guide (Tools & Materials)

    • Juliet Garden Rose Petals Template

    • Wafer Paper Conditioner Guide

    • Juliet Garden Rose Petal Count Guide

  • 4

    SVG Files for SILHOUETTE

    • Juliet Garden Rose SVG Files

    • Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide (For SVG Files)

  • 5

    DXF Files for CRICUT

    • Juliet Garden Rose DXF Files

    • CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide (For DXF Files)

SVG Files & DXF Files Templates

are INCLUDED in this class for you so you can simply upload these files into your SILHOUETTE or CRICUT cutting machine and have the machine cut out your petals for you!

Imagine cutting 100 petals in 10 minutes. Talk about efficiency!

Pricing options

We never want a price point to hinder your opportunity to learn.

We understand everyone has a different payment preference, so here are some options to help you in your learning journey.


Founder & Cake Designer

Winifred Kristé

Hi I’m Winifred, and I teach passionate cake artists how to excel in design through the use of exquisite color palettes and life-like florals.

When I started my cake design business 12+ years ago, I learnt everything the hard and costly way—through trial and error. I clearly remember the frustration of trying to figure out what tools to use, which mediums to work with, how to be more creative, why my colors looked like everyone else’s, and wondering who I could trust for advice.

Having witnessed my years of experimentation, fellow vendors and industry friends began asking for my advice. It was such a joy to be able to support them and witness the ripple effect of my education.

This was the beginning of my passion for teaching. I’ve since taught in-person classes in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, USA and UK, and helped almost 4000 students through my online classes and courses.

It’s my mission to empower cake artists, hobbyists and small business owners with the right tools, skills and mindset to flourish in doing what they love.

I hope to be able to support and welcome you into our learning community, too!

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Value for money Flower Bundle 3.0 - Learn with lesser.

  • $399.00

    $399.00Flower Bundle 3.0: Dahlia & Juliet Garden Rose


    With an additional of $170 (Usual top up of $229 if you buy the class separately), you get to learn both the Dahlia and Juliet Garden Rose at a bundled price. These 2 flowers have very unique techniques that make them what they are, you are bound to walk away with skillset that will make you more confident in flower making.
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