You might be thinking... is this course for me?

If you are happy with the way you do your gum paste or wafer paper peonies, that is great!
For me....

- Gum paste was too heavy
- I was tired of having to wait overnight for my petals to dry
 - and I was limited by what is possible in terms of the shape and flow of my peony

It wasn't until I made these Wafer Paper Peonies that my peony game transformed. I never looked back.
This is a comparison of my peonies from 2016 and today.

And the good news, you get to decide for yourself which side do you want to be on! 

Transform your wafer paper flowers
with our newest Wafer Paper Peony class.

Introducing the most detailed step-by-step Wafer Paper Peony class you can ever imagine.

Take the guesswork out of your learning process.

You do not need to figure this out on your own, we are here to help. broken down into these easy to understand steps, you will get direct access to Winifred’s secrets as to how she creates realistic looking flowers. It didn’t only work for her, it worked for her students too.

"Your classes are extremely detailed in steps with helpful techniques to get something realistic."

I have utilized a handful of wafer paper flower classes. They’re extremely detailed in steps with helpful techniques to get something realistic. Although understanding how to handle wafer paper takes time and I still have things to learn with that I feel confident creating flowers that mimic nature. I have even braved applying this knowledge to new flowers on my own!

- Jessica (@lustr.creative)

"You are truly a wonderful artist your floral work is always inspiring."

Thank you thank you thank you! I literally could not have done it without you! Your courses are so beautifully curated and they really bring a level of understanding to be able to create freely so well done to you to for being such a brilliant teacher!

- Samantha (@hellolittlecrumb)

"You made a difference in my life"

Your peonies make every cake better! I won the Garden Route Cake off (my area cake show) today because of you teaching me Wafer paper flowers. You have really made a difference in my life and opened up my world to Wafer paper.

"I love the way you teach!"

Thank you Winifred for your awesome class! I love the way you teach and love every single thing you make!

- Joanna Kwan (@back2basicsss// @jojojojojiu)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Wafer Paper Peony Trailer

  • 2

    Tools & Materials

    • Tools & Materials Source Guide

  • 3

    How to make Peony Stamens (2 methods)

    • \Wafer Paper Peony Part I: 2 types of Stamens

  • 4

    Wafer Paper Peony Instructions

    • Wafer Paper Peony Part II: Size S Petals

    • Wafer Paper Peony Part III: Size M Petals

    • Wafer Paper Peony Part IV: Size L Petals

    • Wafer Paper Peony Calyx

  • 5

    Peony Petal Template SVG Files & Step-by-Step Guide

    • Peony Petals Template

    • Peony Calyx Template

    • Peony SVG Template Files

    • Peony Petals Step-by-Step Guide (Size S Petals)

    • Peony Petals Step-by-Step Guide (Size M Petals)

    • Peony Petals Step-by-Step Guide (Size L Petals)

  • 6

    Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide (For SVG Files)

    • Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide

  • 7

    Peony Petal Template DXF Files

    • Peony Petals DXF Files

  • 8

    CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide (For DXF Files)

    • CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide (For DXF Files)

Students' Works

Take a look at some gorgeous peonies created by our students. Love how everyone's flowers looks different and all so beautiful and full of life!

Get inspired: Cake designs you can achieve with this peony class

Even if just one type of flower, you will be able to achieve an elegant looking cake like this. The concept of less is more can be embraced especially with such a gorgeous multi layered petal flower like the peony.

Take a look at what's inside the Course

A quick glance at what's inside.

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We never want a price point to hinder your opportunity to learn.

We understand everyone has a different payment preference, so here are some options to help you in your learning journey.

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    $999.00The Ultimate Flower Bundle

    With an additional of $200 (Usual top up of $299 if you buy the class separately), you get to learn both the rose and peony at a bundled price. These 2 flowers have very unique techniques that make them what they are, you are bound to walk away with skillset that will make you more confident in flower making.
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