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The Wafer Paper Ranunculus class is perfect for anyone who is looking at adding this beautifully layered flower to enhance the exquisiteness (see students' works below) to your cake designs. An extremely layered flower can be hard to figure it out on your own, so in this class, you will be guided how to make this gorgeous flowers in well broken down steps.

When it is broken down into these easy to understand steps, you will learn how to master this flower easily. You will also learn how to apply a multi tone colouring technique to make your ranunculus look a lot more natural and attractive.

Course curriculum

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    Tools & Materials

    • Tools & Materials

    • Source Guide

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    Wafer Paper Ranunculus

    • Ranunculus Colours & Inspiration

    • Wafer Paper Ranunculus Tutorial Part 1

    • Wafer Paper Ranunculus Tutorial Part 2

    • Wafer Paper Ranunculus Tutorial Part 3

    • Wafer Paper Ranunculus Tutorial Part 1 (中文字幕)

    • Wafer Paper Ranunculus Tutorial Part 2 (中文字幕)

    • Chinese-Video 13-14 - Ranunculus Part 3 (中文字幕)

    • Wafer Paper Ranunculus Template

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    3 x $150 PaymentsWafer Paper Filler Flowers & Ranunculus Bundle

    With an additional of $150 (Usual top up of $199 if you buy the class separately), you get to learn hydrangeas, sweet peas to new trending flowers, like the anthuriums. With these new flowers, you will learn an array of techniques and colours that will set you apart from others.
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