Always wanted to create realistic looking wafer paper roses but never got around doing it?

- It looks too complicated, I do not know or dare to start
- It looks like it is going to take a long time
- I have tried doing many roses with free tutorials and they never worked
- I don't think my roses will turn out looking pretty

And I understand.


The good news is... starting from today onwards, that can ALL be changed. 
It is not about it being complicated, or learning from tons of tutorials that didn't work for you.

It is because you haven't taken a Wafer Paper Rose class with Winifred.

Transform your wafer paper flowers
with our newest Wafer Paper Rose class.

Our students have created the change they want to see, SO CAN YOU.

"Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher!"

Thank you so much, you are a super amazing teacher. I want to tell you more things about your amazing course but I can speak just a little english so it is difficult for me to tell you more things!

-Luz Marina @luzdeabreu (Instagram)

"I was attracted by the way you made the flower in a realistic and natural look."

The class interpretation is very clear and videos are highly professional. I can see my improvement slowly and I’m satisfied when I complete each flower. I also love the positive vibe and encouragement you projected to me. Hope to meet you again in future.^^

-@debbycake_ (Instagram)

Why Winifred's Wafer Paper Rose class?

- Winifred is known for her teaching style of providing loads of variation and freedom to help you create the most natural looking flower.

- In this class, you will be provided a hand-illustrated guide sheet (See below) how to make this gorgeous flowers in well broken down steps and layers.

- When it is broken down into these easy to understand steps, you will learn how to master this flower in no time.

*It is good to note that the Rose and Peony classes are considered more advanced content, so it is good to have the basic foundation down before getting to these. To strengthen your foundation, we recommend:
Introduction to Wafer Paper & The Flower Bundle 1.0.

A quick glance at what's inside.

Take a look at what's inside the Course

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Wafer Paper Rose Trailer

  • 2

    Tools & Materials

    • Tools & Materials Source Guide

    • Wafer Paper Conditioner Guide

  • 3

    Wafer Paper Rose Instructions

    • Wafer Paper Rose Part I

    • Wafer Paper Rose Part II

    • Wafer Paper Rose Part III

  • 4

    Rose Petals & Leaves SVG Template & Step-by-Step Guide

    • Rose Petals Template

    • Rose Petals & Leaves Template SVG Files

    • Rose Petals Step-by-Step Guide

  • 5

    Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide (For SVG Files)

    • Silhouette Machine Cutting Guide

  • 6

    Rose Petals & leaves DXF Template

    • Rose petals and leaves DXF Files

  • 7

    CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide (For DXF Files)

    • CRICUT Machine Cutting Guide (For DXF Files)

SVG Files & DXF Files Templates

are INCLUDED in this class for you so you can simply upload these files into your SILHOUETTE or CRICUT cutting machine and have the machine cut out your petals for you!

Imagine cutting 100 petals in 10 minutes. Talk about efficiency!

Pricing options

We never want a price point to hinder your opportunity to learn.

We understand everyone has a different payment preference, so here are some options to help you in your learning journey.

Students' Works

Take a look at some gorgeous roses created by our students. Love how everyone's flowers looks different and all so beautiful and full of life!

Save $100 when you learn more

Value for money Flower Bundle 2.0 that our students love.

  • $499.00

    $499.00Flower Bundle 2.0: Rose & Peony

    With an additional of $200 (Usual top up of $299 if you buy the class separately), you get to learn both the rose and peony at a bundled price. These 2 flowers have very unique techniques that make them what they are, you are bound to walk away with skillset that will make you more confident in flower making.
    I want to save $100