Who is this class for?

The Wafer Paper Rose class is perfect for anyone looking at mastering this classic favourite. As Winifred's usual teaching style goes, loads of variation and freedom are offered to help you create the most natural looking flower. In this class, you will be provided a hand-illustrated guide sheet (See below) how to make this gorgeous flowers in well broken down steps and layers.

When it is broken down into these easy to understand steps, you will learn how to master this flower in no time. You will also learn edible dusting techniques to help make your rose even more life-like.

It is good to note that the Rose and Peony classes are considered more advanced content, so it is good to have the basic foundation down before getting to these.

To strengthen your foundation, we recommend:
Introduction to Wafer Paper & The Flower Bundle 1.0.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Wafer Paper Rose Trailer

  • 2

    Tools & Materials

    • Tools & Materials Source Guide

  • 3

    Wafer Paper Rose Instructions

    • Wafer Paper Rose Part I

    • Wafer Paper Rose Part II

    • Wafer Paper Rose Part III

  • 4

    Rose Template & Step-byStep Guide

    • Rose Petals Template

    • Rose Petals Step-by-Step Guide

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A quick glance at what's inside.

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This is what we suggest.

Value for money Flower Bundle 2.0 that our students love.

  • $499.00

    $499.00Wafer Paper Rose & Peony Bundle

    With an additional of $200 (Usual top up of $299 if you buy the class separately), you get to learn both the rose and peony at a bundled price. These 2 flowers have very unique techniques that make them what they are, you are bound to walk away with skillset that will make you more confident in flower making.
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