A simple but important technique to learn.

Once you are done with your peony, it is time to complete the look of it with its calyx. In this video, you will learn how to create a peony calyx, and you will also learn my tips on how to create multi tones + add additional texture for your wafer paper without a need for veiner.

This is a HD video tutorial which includes high quality close up shots for the best learning experience.

Course curriculum

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    Wafer Paper Peony Calyx

    • How to make Wafer Paper Rose Leaves & Vines

    • Rose Leaves Workbook Notes

"Winifred teaches with clear directions."

I took Winifred’s online ranunculus wafer paper class and I absolutely LOVED it! Winifred teaches with clear direction and in a such a way that makes it easy to understand the process. I had never worked with wafer paper before and was so proud and happy with the results! I love the flowers I was able create!! it’s helpful to be able to pause the class and go back and watch it again and again if needed. I would highly recommend investing in this amazing class!! I so look forward to adding what I have learned to my cake designs!

-@pamelajheckman (Instagram)


If you find this helpful and would like to learn in greater detail on how to create Winifred's signature fluffy and natural looking peony or wafer paper flowers, the following classes might help take you to the next level.